Legacy Branding


The Curiously Strong Mints

The tiny Altoids brand broke the confections category, created six line extensions, and eventually sold to Wrigley for 600 million dollars.

Altoids 1
Altoids 2
Altoids 3
Altoids 4
Altoids 5
Altoids 6
Altoids 7

The Curiously Strong Gum

Altoids Gum 1
Altoids Gum 2
Altoids Gum 3

The Curiously Strong Strips

Altoids Strips
Altoids Mints 9
Altoids Strips 1
Altoids Strips 2
Altoids Strips 3

The Curiously Strong Sours

Altoids Sours 1
Altoids Sours 2
Altoids Sours 3

The curiously strong campaign was honored with a gold award from every major awards show. The print received two MPA Grand Kelly Awards, the film resides in the Museum of Modern Art, and the outdoor was inducted into the Obie Hall of Fame.